The Choice Is Yours Program

"Todays Decisions are Tomorrows Realities"

Take My Hand And Come With Me.

     My Story

At the age of 2 my real mom gave me away to a woman by the name of Linda Elliot.  Whom I grew up believing was my mom until I was 9 years old.   I had everything a little boy could want; my family had their own business, the biggest plumbing company in Kenner, La.  Until one night my ‘foster mom’ called me into her room and told me they weren’t my real parents.  Do you know what this did to me?  I hurt to no end and we both cried for hours.  That day is still in my mind because from that point on my life went downhill.

My last name as you see is Adams yet, my birth name is John St. John.  I’ll tell you more about that later. 

What took place next?  I was taken to my real mother’s house and dropped off like a bag of clothes.  When I went into the den there were approximately 10-12 people hanging out.  My first thought was, ‘What is really going on?’

 Now understand here the family that was raising me was Christian.  I had not been around beer and such.  Boy was I in for a big one here!  All the people here were drinking and having a good time and there I sat, lost at 9 years old.  I met my big sister, Patricia, who took me by the hand and led me into the living room to get me away from all the noise.  Patricia became my sister and mom rolled into one.  I love her with all my heart!

Well, after 2 years this man named James Adams came to pick up my brother, Mike and my sister Tammy.  My brother and I had gotten real tight so I tell mom, “Hey, I want to go!”  So, off I go again.  Just to find out that James is a drunk and that is when I start running the streets and doing whatever.

At the age of 14 I left home, got a job at a Shoney’s and got into my own apartment with the help of James.  That is when I started drinking and smoking pot.  That is when I thought, “Man, this is too cool.”  This continued on and life became even harder.  At 17 I ran off with a 28 year old friend to Cincinnati, Ohio for work.  By this time I am in my late teens and think that I am ALL that!  This is in 1979 so I have been on my own now for 2 years.  Things didn’t work out there in Ohio, my friend left and I was homeless, so what do I do?  I got my real mother to sign the papers and I joined the Army.

I was still drinking and now was stealing anything that wasn’t bolted down.  Does that sound like YOU?  Even the army couldn’t break me.  I stole $250.00 in cashier checks and a boom box then decided to go AWOL.  I didn’t like being told what to do but of course the army caught me.  I received a write up and another chance.  And what did I do?  I blew it!  I was drinking and doing drugs one night and while I was on a date at the EM club a guy start talking trash to the girl and myself.  He pulled a knife so I pulled out mine and I proceed to use mine to cut him up.  After which I was sent to the stockade for 30 days then I was finally kicked out. 

At this point I turn to harder drugs, running the streets again, stealing, robbing and lying to my friends.  I turned into a no good human being, I’m now what you would call “white trash”. 

By the time I turn 20 years old, I worked a short time off shore making good money just to return back to the streets.  I hitch hiked and ended up in El Paso, Texas.  That is where I had a few firsts; the first time I shot dope and the first time I had a run in with the police.  I got busted with rock cocaine.  While in jail I was called down to be told that I’m being charged with armed robbery.  Which I had robbed a service station 4 months before with a friend.  Yep, they got me and I received 3 years T.D.C. and that my friend is where I fall apart. 

As you see I had gone from a little boy with everything into a young man with nothing yet I did have someone.  That someone is my sister Patricia she has stuck with me through this all, God Bless her!  To this day I love here even more for believing in me when I did not believe in myself.

While in T.D.C. I thought I had found my family, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.  From 1985 thru 2001 I gave them everything I had between these times I had returned back to prison 5 times.  This time now is my 6th and my last, either way!  I gained the rank of Captain with this family which took years. 

Yet through all these years God was talking to me and had I listened I may not be where I am today.  I lived the life of a gang member, a biker, liar, thief, drunk and a dope head.  But, it was my CHOICE to do what I did, just like it was my CHOICE to change my life.  Jesus died on the cross for my sins and yours. 

Now let me tell you how I started walking with God.  I had been on death row for 6 years and my life was up and down.  Three times I had written my lawyers and wanted to drop my appeals because I was so miserable.  I was sent to level 3 and there you live in a 7 X 10 cell in which, I behaved really bad. 

One day a free world chaplain came there to visit a guy I knew very well which he explained to the chaplain that I needed to see him.  I had never told him that but I’m glad that he did because that is the day God started working in my life.  Three months later I made level 1, which I was around people who didn’t believe in God so again things got bad for me.  There was one day that I was in the day room and here comes the chaplain to see me. 

We shake hands and before I knew it he shouted “Jesus” at the top of his lungs.  Boy you should have heard that section get quiet!  I asked him why he did that.  He said the Holy Spirit told him to.  I looked at him and it was then I knew God was telling me, “Son, it’s time to come to your real family”.  That was when I gave my life to God, January 5th, 2005 and I am still walking with my Father.  Two months later I hear on the intercom for me to pack my bags, I’m being moved!  The chaplain had mentioned a brother in Christ by the name Alvin Kelly, a real good man who could help me with my faith.  When I moved into his section I was so happy.  The next day in the day room I see Alvin Kelly I share with him what God is doing in my life and that I am changing my life.  He had heard that statement so many times before but he says to himself, ‘let’s see what kind of fruit you show’.  Well sure enough I’m still here and have been following my brothers every move.  He is my best friend and my brother in Christ.  God put us together for a reason and only he knows what is going to happen.  We are here for anyone who wants to give their life to God we bare fruit and let our little light shine.  God is so awesome!  So my friend it’s your choice, “What are you going to choose”?  Life or death?  I might be on the row but I am alive and I am FREE!  FREE!  FREE!  May God bless you all and may he be your light. (Romans 8:31)

God Bless you all in the sweetest name ever Jesus Christ

Brother John

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